b-r-s alloy for mRr superconducting wire
@EThe newly named gMizuta Methodhconsisting of gas shielding, direct cooling, directional solidifying and electromagnetic stirring realizes addition of titanium to copper-tin alloy under atmospheric conditions and supply of copper-tin alloy with less segregation of tin and titanium and with less micro-and macro-defects.

@EFor Nb3Sn superconducting wire, Cu-13/16%Sn alloy with 0.3%Ti is usually supplied to the market.

@EComparing with the vacuum melting process, productivity of the Mizuta Method is noticeable.
@Besides, the melting furnaces and heat-treatment furnaces are exclusive preventing contamination of other alloy elements.

@EUnit weight of Cu-Sn-Ti billet is 10`300kgs in various diameters.

@Patented with KOBE STEEL, LTD